Welcome to Emerald Chauffeur London.


Welcome to Emerald Chauffeur London.

Emerald Chauffeurs – London’s Premiere Male and Female Chauffeur Service catering to clients from all over the world

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hether looking for a smooth and comfortable way to travel between different locations across London or anywhere in the UK? We offer an executive chauffeur service with exceptionally trained and courteous chauffeurs – both male and female.

Travel in style and luxury, with none of the worries associated with traveling as a family or in a group of ladies – we are culturally sensitive at Emerald Chauffeurs, fully understanding the needs of all our clients, particularly those traveling to the UK from the Gulf or Middle East. Our male and female chauffeurs are very friendly, professional, and accommodating. They will tend to your needs throughout the journey and give you something to fondly reflect on many years later!

Many travellers prefer to travel with female chauffeurs today

The beautiful city of London, for instance, is a multicultural hub today. People flood in from all parts of the world to tour the city and the rest of the UK, while others come here to work and study. A large handful of people also migrate here, looking for a better, more fulfilling standard of life.

In fact, in the last few years in particular, London alone has seen many people move here from the Middle East and Gulf мега даркнет region. Having a unique set of values, our international travellers tend to feel more comfortable and at ease travelling with male or female chauffeurs, and we understand that better than any executive car hire service in the UK.

We are a culturally sensitive chauffeur hire service at Emerald Chauffeurs and love to accommodate our clients in any way possible. So, whether you prefer to travel with male of female chauffeurs, we can provide both on request, and at a time and place of your choosing.


Our vehicles for hire with male and female chauffeurs

Our chauffeur driven vehicles require little introduction as their automobile heritage speaks for itself:


Why us for UK road travelling?

Our London based company was formed many years ago with one key goal: to provide the absolute best luxury chauffeur hire experience at some of the most competitive prices – all the while being culturally sensitive to our clients’ needs.

We strive to exceed your expectations by delivering bar none the best luxury car hire experience in London and beyond. Our passion for perfection and attaining the highest standards has led to a service where both our male and female chauffeurs will go above and beyond to accommodate all your needs.

All our chauffeurs undergo extensive screening, background checking and reference checking, in addition to our comprehensive in-house training. This ensures that they are able to accommodate every need our clients may have at any stage of the journey. In fact, our female chauffeurs in particular are some of the best-trained, friendliest and most courteous professionals you’ll come across anywhere in the UK luxury car hire sector. We take pride in delivering a female chauffeur service (or male chauffeur if you prefer) that’s prompt, on schedule, and always willing to exceed your expectations.

Whether you need luxury car hire for weddings, sports events, airport transfers, hen and stag dos, shopping, day-long/nigh-long excursions, hotel transfers – or anything really, where you want to travel in the utmost style and luxury – our professional female chauffeur service is ready to assist. We also take care of all your luggage loading and unloading, making your journey even more comfortable. Even if you have several pieces of luggage, we will send an extra car if required, to ensure that all your luggage can be accommodated and is right with you at all times.


Our Gallery

Most of the international clients we work with greatly value their privacy and security. Our Lifestyle Service provides 24-hour Close Protection Operatives who ensure your personal safety and peace of mind for as long as you are staying in the UK. Your security, comfort, and safety are paramount to them.

We understand the importance of always having a trusted person by your side while you are visiting the UK. Much like our chauffeur service, we also provide female bodyguards at your preference. Our Close Protection Operatives are some of the UK’s best-trained security professionals. They are all UK citizens, fully CRB-checked and licensed. You can learn more about our Close Protection Operatives by viewing it under the Services section.

We understand how our clients visiting the UK from the Gulf have specific cultural preferences, and we show our courtesy, respect, and understanding by providing exceptionally well-trained female security detail. Your female security guard will always be on hand to protect you and accompany you discreetly – be it to your private jet or airport transfer, awards ceremonies or corporate events, or any place/event where you require best-in-class security.