Disclaimer – Very Important, Please Read!

We advise all our customers arriving from outside the UK to have a working number so that our driver can establish contact with them right away. Please ensure that you have a working number on you at all times which has been configured to work properly within the UK. Emerald Chauffeurs, including all its staff members, cannot be held responsible for any late arrivals or failed pickups due to the client’s phone line being switched off or non-operational.

We strive and endeavour to send our chauffeurs to your designated location for pickup at least a few minutes in advance. However, once our chauffeur has arrived at the agreed upon time, any wait time they must endure beyond the 15-minute grace period will incur extra charges. This policy applies to clients living and travelling within the UK only and not those flying in from outside the UK.

We have a similar policy in place for airport pickups – our chauffeur will arrive ahead of time for the meet-and-greet and pickup. However, once your flight lands at the scheduled time, any wait time our chauffeur must endure beyond 60 minutes will incur extra charges. This policy applies to clients living and travelling within the UK only and not those flying in from outside the UK.

You are required to inform us of any flight delays even though we actively monitor all flights.

We ask all our clients to allow us a reasonable amount of time to get to the designated location on account of unexpected traffic conditions or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, such as a natural disaster.

Clients are responsible for their own itinerary and time management to ensure that they arrive at each destination on time. We would like to stress on this particularly for our business clients who must show up for meetings and appointments on time. Our chauffeurs are responsible only for arriving at the designated pick-up location on time and cannot be held responsible for our clients’ own time management or itinerary.

Both our male and female chauffeurs would be happy to drive you around in your own vehicle should you require. Clients are responsible for ensuring that their vehicles are safe to drive and have undergone timely maintenance as well as servicing to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for everyone.

The price we quote you does not include the various car parking fee charges throughout the UK. You will be invoiced separately for this.

Our chauffeurs are not responsible for any road accidents which may occur due to carelessness or ignorance demonstrated by another driver.

If you have any mobility issues and need special seats or equipment in order to easily get into and out of your vehicle with ease, please let us know in advance.

If you require child seats to be fitted in your rental car, please let us know in advance.

Payments are to be made in advance in order to secure your booking.

Our car + chauffeur is available to you 8 hours a day – if you require them for additional hours, extra charges apply.